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June 2016
men's summer 2017 fashion show

Sunday, June 26, agnès b. presents her men's summer 2017 to the international press. To see the show live, connect Sunday at 12pm on

Find here some looks of the show...

Films on the Green 2016

On aime le cinéma à la belle étoile!
agnès b. is pleased to support the "Films on the Green 2016" film series. French films under the theme "A summer in Paris," Films on the Green 2016 will offer a striking portrait of the City of Lights, its urban [...]

special 40 year anniversary collection

In 1976, agnès b. opened her first shop near Les Halles in Paris in a former butcher's shop. To keep the spirit of the place, she drew a lamb on the canopy of the shop and used the drawing as the label on her clothing… The lamb drawing carries a [...]