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February 2008
La Ronde de nuit

agnès b. is supporting the release of the film by Peter Greenaway

Synopsis: 1654, Amsterdam. Rembrandt wakens with a start: he has just been dreaming he is blind. This nightmare takes him back 12 years, to 1642, when he was working on his most [...]

Le Bonheur!

Super ! (and R1R2) present Le Bonheur ! at La Cigale, on 24 February from 7.30 pm, in partnership with agnès b. This music is subtle yet flamboyant - epic music, that sparkles and gleams. After a full concert at La Maroquinerie, the Swedish musician [...]

5 days in Moscow, 25 years ago

Focus on the Russia of 25 years ago, an exploration offered to us by agnès b. in the Galerie du Jour project room, at the invation of Pierre Reimer.

Galerie du jour agnès b.
44 rue Quincampoix Paris 4
Free entry from Tuesday till Saturday between 12 [...]

Servitude & simulacre

At the invitation of agnès b., Jordi Vidal is presenting, at agnès b. activities!!, the exhibition Servitude & Simulacre en temps réel et flux constant [Servitude & Simulacrum in Real Time and Constant Flux], following his eponymous essay published [...]


Agnès b. is supporting the publication of the first monograph by Robert Estermann on the occasion of his personal exhibition at the Lucerne Museum of Art.
Through his minimalist drawings and photographs, this Swiss artist questions social phenomena [...]