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January 2008
Tara back from Arctic

Tara is emerging from the ice after a human and scientific adventure without precedent, that has lasted 18 months. Tara has become much more than a scientific platform, she has become a symbol of environmental conservation. One of the earliest [...]

A Bigger Splash

agnès b. is supporting the release of the film directed by Jack Hazan

Through a fascinating mix of fiction and documentary, A Bigger Splash takes us into the world of the English painter David Hockney and reveals the links connecting life [...]

Lust, Caution

agnès b. is supporting the release of the film by Ang Lee

Synopsis: In the 1940s, when Japan occupied part of China, the young student Wong was given the task of approaching Mr Yee, one of the chief collaborators with the Japanese, and seducing him [...]