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June 2008
La nuit des Nouveaux Arts Sacrés

agnès b. is a partner of La nuit des nouveaux arts sacrés - spiritual and pop culture which will take place on 20 and 21 June next at Saint Eustache Church in Paris. On the programme are over 36 hours of concerts with Gol, Charlemagne Palestine, [...]

La troisième partie du monde

agnès b. is supporting the release of the film by Eric Forestier.

A mysterious young woman, Emma, gradually discovers that she has a strange power: once they enter into contact with her, her lovers disappear.François, an astronomer who [...]

agnès b. dresses Versailles

agnes b. has designed a special collection for the staff of the Château of Versailles, following a style contest launched last year by Jean-Jacques Aillagon, of which she was the winner.
This collection will be presented to the press and to officials [...]

agnès b. dresses Perrier

At Perrier’s invitation, agnès b. has customized a bottle and a can of the famous sparkling water. These limited edition creations echo some of the designer’s favourite motifs, the lizard and roses. The bottles will be found on café tables from [...]

Les hommes by Ariane Michel


Synopsis: At the furthermost bounds of a frozen sea, a boat approaches a land. Human silhouettes come out of it, they appear strange. From their immutable world, the ice, the stones and the animals of [...]