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September 2008
Spitafields'shop opening

agnès b. is happy to announce the opening of the her new Spitalfields store. On September 25th the store will be launched in conjunction with Sup magazine.
‘SUP is a print and online music magazine that documents all that is happening in [...]

L'homme de Londres

Love Streams agnès b. Productions is supporting L'HOMME DE LONDRES, the latest film by the director Béla Tarr. Shown in the official selection of the 2007 Cannes Festival, this film deals with people's indestructible desire for life, liberty, [...]

La belle personne

agnès b. is supporting the release of the film by Christophe Honoré.

Synopsis: Junie, who is 16, changes school during the course of the year, following her mother's death. She enters a new class where her cousin Matthias is a pupil. He becomes her [...]

point d'ironie stories

The agnès b. Galerie du Jour is happy to present its autumn exhibition, « histoires du point d'ironie ». Designed chronologically, the exhibition trace the exciting development of this hybrid publication by presenting the work of artists, archive [...]

"La nuit, le jour" in Toulouse

Thierry Lefébure is an artist exhibited by the Galerie du Jour, who travelled the world from 1985 to 1989 to bring back a photographic and poetic travel notebook that is full of contrasts.
This autumn, the agnès b. shops in Toulouse are hosting the [...]

Jazz à la Villette

agnès b. is a partner of the 2008 production of the Jazz à la Villette festival, organised by the Cité de la Musique. There will be several exceptional concerts such as Le Sacre du Tympan and James Chance at the Cabaret Sauvage or Joakim, Matthew [...]

WALKABOUT chez agnès b. DVD/Potemkine


Synopsis: In the Australian desert, the encounter between two abandoned kids and a young native leads the three of them into an initiatory trip into the wild: a clash between the West and the native Australian [...]