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April 2009
Still Walking

agnès b. is supporting the film by Kore-Eda Hirokazu.
Synopsis: a summer's day in Yokohama. A family is gathered together to commemorate the tragic death of the eldest brother, who died fifteen years earlier trying to save a child from drowning. [...]

The pleasure of being robbed

agnès b. is supporting the film by Joshua Safdie.
Synopsis: Eleanor, a free and curious young woman, saunters through the streets of New York. To amuse herself, she steals anything she comes across. The things she finds in the bags of passers-by [...]

Richard Bellia and Nuits Sonores

Richard Bellia's photographies will be shown in our Lyon' shops during Nuits Sonores Festival.

The Penelope(s) new CD!

Watch out for this event! The Penelope(s) are releasing their second album, Priceless Concrete Echoes, and are linking up with Morpheus for the occasion.
agnès b. and The Penelope(s) go back a long way: there have been concerts in New York for the [...]

Oh là là festival à Berlin

Fresh and French, that is the motto of the very sharp Oh là là Festival featuring young French artists on Berlin soil. From electro to Rock, the programming of this 2009 version has been planned in partnership with the festivals Rock the Palace [...]

agnès b. in l'Express Styles

Designer agnès b. comments her latests news for french magazine L'Express. Exclusively in french.

agnès from a to b a movie by Serge July

On April 17th will be broadcasted on french tv channel France 5 a documentary on designer agnès b.
Follow her around the globe, designing her collection in Paris, presenting her photography collection in Berlin, celebrating her 25th anniversary in [...]

A Psychedelic Night, Part. V

agnès b. is a partner of the 5th Psychedelic Night at the Point Ephémère. This venue continues to open up gaps in the musical landscape, mixing its own devotees (Turzi, Koudlam, One Switch To Collision) with eminent psychedelic acolytes (Big Daddy’s [...]


agnès b. is supporting the film by Atom Egoyan.
Synopsis: a teenager, Simon, reinvents his life on the Internet. Is his father a murderer? Is his mother a victim? Is his grandfather a monster? Is his uncle a coward? Is truth on the internet? His [...]

Julien Langendorff in the project room

Julien Langendorff is a plastic artist and musician born in Paris and his work hinges around drawings, collages and mysterious installations. His hallucinatory visions create a mystical and dreamlike world, with allusions reflecting the foundations [...]

A party to kill all parties

Watch out for this event! Kill for Total Peace are bringing out their first album Kill For, released by Pan European Recording, and agnès b. will be sponsoring the label very soon through the listening terminals in her stores. In this album, [...]

Antony Hegarty at the galerie du jour

Atypial singer, Antony Hegarty draws too! His artworks open up dream landscapes: raw materials are often “eroded” in many stages - drawn on, burned, soaked in the rain, thrown away and reclaimed, drawn on again, stained or dried over a fire. These [...]

Au Revoir Simone new single

The girls with their preppy style and cute fringe dressed in agnès b. performing all around the world…in Tokyo, Hong Kong and New York. Having supported their first two albums, agnès b. is pleased to offer in our shops an exclusive preview of their [...]

Jacques Tati at the "Cinémathèque française"

agnès b. is happy to support the exhibition Jacques Tati at the Cinémathèque française. Had he still been alive, Jacques Tati would have been 102 in 2009. Enough water has flowed under the bridges for Cinémathèque française to honour him with the [...]

Poni Hoax at l'Elysée Montmartre

Elegant, sombre and bewitching, in the space of a few years Pony Hoax has become THE benchmark group for French electro-rock. Favourites of agnès b. right from the start, these modern young men are performing in concert on 2 April at the Elysée [...]

agnès b. DVD/Potemkine Collection

In 2008, Potemkine and Love Streams agnès b. productions have joined their forces to create the "agnès b. DVD / Potemkine" collection with a common desire to focus attention on strong, original, rare films from any everywhere. Taking mutual [...]

N°47 - Koo Jeong-a

Born in Korea in 1967, Koo-Jeong-A now lives and works in London. In both her installations and more recently her photographs, Koo Jeong-A acts through small, discreet touches on daily life, taking the most commonplace-seeming things and surrounding [...]

capsule collection in Japan

It's among agnès' best of that models have been selected to be re-produced in organic cotton, linen, cotton voile or butter muslin. Dresses, skirts, tunics, cargo pants… in natural colors. Plain chiné or plain cotton t-shirts. Some accessories [...]