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March 2009
25th Anniversary of Film Workshop

Founded by Tsui Hark and Nansun Shi in 1984, the Film Workshop will always be associated with the golden age of Hong Kong cinema. Its 50 productions include classics like A Better Tomorrow, A Chinese Ghost Story, Swordsman, and Once Upon A Time in [...]

agnès b. collection of drawings

This year, agnès b. is guest of honour of the Salon du Dessin Contemporain. The designer will present a selection of work from her personal art collection. Jean-Michel Basquiat, Tracy Emin, Harmony Korine, Raymond Pettibon, Simon English, Cyprien [...]

I am from Titov Veles

agnès b. is supporting the new film by the Macedonian director Teona Mitevska: I am from Titov Veles.

At Titov Veles, there remains the factory that grinds down its inhabitants, and the house of three sisters: Sapho, suffering from the [...]

Tokyo Sonata

agnès b. is supporting the release of the film by Kiyoshi Kurosawa.
Synopsis: Tokyo Sonata draws the portrait of an ordinary Japanese family. The father, made redundant without warning, hides this from his family. The eldest son is increasingly [...]

agnès b. & Traverse Vidéo

Our Toulouse shop is hosting the exhibition PULPS by Carl Hurtin in the context of the twelfth production of Traverse Video.
This year the festival is offering exhibitions and installations in various Toulouse locations, centring around the theme [...]

women fashion show - winter 2009-2010

agnès b. women fashion show for winter 2009-2010 take place at the independant cinema La Pagode. "Clothes that you can play with easily and not be the same everyday. Clothes that you can wear day and night. Clothes you can dress up and dress down, [...]


Fifth album, fifth tour for the dashing Mathieu Boogaerts - dressed by agnès b. - whose tour I love You is stopping in Paris on 12, 13 and 14 March. Four musicians on stage, a set of drums, a double bass, a keyboard, a guitar, and, as usual, some [...]

Malick Sidibé… everywhere in France !

The first African photographer to receive the Hasselblad Prize in 2003, Malick Sidibé was discovered at the first meetings of African Photography in Bamako in 1994. agnès b. is passionate about art and a keen collector, and she has always mixed art [...]

Greene Street Shop, NYC

To celebrate their double label, DC and agnès b. present FORWARD 3.
FORWARD 3 is a graphic design exhibition, post-graffiti, illustrated and plastic, curated by Erwann Lameignère, REDUX magazine founder and publisher.
The exhibition introduces [...]

Le printemps des poètes à Bercy…

With its theme, "En rire" [In laughter], the 11th production of the Printemps des poètes offers a foretaste of spring. The window of our shop in Bercy Village is being turned into a blank page for students from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des [...]

Marissa Nalder's folk

agnès b. loves Little Hells, the new album by Marissa Nalder. The singer has gathered her friends around her - SIMONE PACE (BLONDE REDHEAD) on the drums FARMER DAVESCHER on the keyboard (ELVIS COSTELLO, JENNY LEWIS) to produce her best album to [...]