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September 2009
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Participant or voter, everybody [... ]

Musique de chambres

" Musique de chambres is a personal project, on the intimacy of the places where music is created, in this case within mini-studios settled within the house of the musicians. I try to represent the creation and to reveal the intimacy of this moment [... ]

Danton Eeprom in London…

For once, it is your eyes and not your ears that will be stimulated by Danton in our English shop of Spitalfields. Fruit of a work of 2 years, you can discover his photos (screen shots grip during conversations on Skype) in black and white or in [... ]

Mambo, agnès b. and Arty...

On the invitation of Arty, contemporary art festival in Lyon, agnès b. will present Mambo’s artwork in her shops and offer to his imagination serveral windows.
« This self-taught artist worked with La Force Alphabétique, a collective of mural [... ]

Graffiti – “Inventory”

This exhibition emphasises the multiplicity of exchanges, conventions, trends and shifts that have given rise to today’s graffiti movement.
From graff to dripping by way of video, installation art, sculpture, drawing and performance art, thirty [... ]

Richard Bellia is now in Montpellier

Taken from his book Un Œil sur la Musique 1982-2007 (An Eye on Music 1982-2007), Richard Bellia’s photographs cover several genres of music, including rock, punk, electro, metal and rap – in fact whatever it is that has caught this photographer’s [... ]

L'Etrange Festival

Thanks to her endowment, agnès b. contributes to the 15th edition of the Etrange Festival.

More information on the website :

Forum des Images : Forum des Halles / 2 rue du cinéma / Paris 1er

Tara Oceans

On 5 September 2009, at noon, the Tara boat will depart from Lorient for a three-year expedition on all the world’s oceans.

The oceans produce half the oxygen that we breathe. If the forests are the planet’s first lung, the oceans constitute the [... ]

Music news…

Agnès b. who defends the label Talitres for several years, puts in listening " The Wolf " on her radio as well as the last album of Emily Jane White (exclusively). On sale on in the course of October …

Practical guide

For a period of 10 days after you receive your parcel, will pay for the cost of returning any articles you do not wish to keep (offer valid only for packages posted in Metropolitan France).

In each package you will find a label marked Colissimo Services France, together with a RETURNS VOUCHER.
All you have to do is place this RETURNS VOUCHER inside your package (this is necessary for your order to be processed), stick the Colissimo Services France label on the outside and take it to the post office. Your parcel will be given priority treatment and we will proceed to reimburse the returned products.
So in future you can try on the goods you have purchased in the peace of your own home and take your time to decide.

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