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May 2010
Nuits Sonores, Julien Mignot

After resisting to "Get your high school diploma first!” to "Photographer? Yes all right, but as a job?” and having given up a master's degree in geography, Julien Mignot became a photographer; doubtless because it is a promising work.
Today he works [...]

Filmmakers' portraits by Nicolas Guérin

After studying cinema at the Sorbonne University in Paris, Nicolas Guerin switched to photography and began to work closely with Positif magazine. In 2002, to celebrate the 50th anniversaries of the magazine, its portraits were exhibited worldwide, [...]

Mambo live in London!

Discovered by agnès b. in the 80's, this graffiti artist has since participated in many agnès b. events!
His paintings are exhibited in our 2 London shops, along with his collaborative dress and two skirts, exclusive for agnès b. (performance on the [...]

fashion show in China

agnès b. organizes an extraordinary fashion show to take place on May 6 in Beijing. Featuring the men's and women's Automne/Hiver 2010 collections, the collection will be presented to China's journalists and VIPs, to celebrate the launch of our new [...]

Collection agnès b. DVD / Potemkine, new release...

New releases in the collection agnès b. DVD / Potemkine this month: The Brown Bunny. Vincent Gallo occupies all the key posts of this movie (director, scriptwriter, cameraman, editor, producer and main interpreter beside a symbolic actress of the [...]

Concert at L'Alhambra for the André Malraux Cultural Center, Sarajevo

In echo of the exhibition "notre histoire" organized by agnès b. in homage to the André Malraux Center in Sarajevo, Rodolphe Burger organizes an exceptional concert on May 3 at L'Alhambra in Paris.
He has invited Jacques Higelin and Rachid Taha, who [...]

#special, Stéphane Hessel

“Responding to the call of Irony, the instrument of free spirits, we have recalled to mind those human rights, those fundamental freedoms proclaimed more than sixty years ago; we have compared them with the cruel violations perpetrated by so many [...]