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January 2011
Musique Plastique at galerie du jour

There are few creative fields that have such a richly rewarding friendship as the visual arts and music. Why indeed should we choose between Elvis and Duchamp? Some artists never decide and instead develop a sort of double practice. Quite as agnès [...]

agnès b. guest of the International Film Festival Rotterdam

The video... or the life...
Rotterdam, its ships, its history, its architecture...
and its famous international film festival has now opened its doors to all film makers: a creative and innovative vision of artistic videos shared by agnès b.
Within [...]

Stranded Horse

Supported by agnès b. since 2007, even before the release of his first single, Yann Tambour alias Thee, Stranded Horse now releases his second album "Humbling Tides." You can preview the new single “Shields” in association with his label Talitres. [...]

Tara Oceans, printed dresses

Concerned about the future of our planet, agnès b. has supported Tara’s projects since the beginning.
Since end of December, Tara is in Antarctica, doing soundings in the Drake Passage. The scientists on board of Tara are studying the little-known [...]

agnès b. x dim

agnès b. has been invited by Dim to celebrate the 10ys anniversary of the Body Touch and the 20ys of the Pockets. Polka dots, stars, black and white, all these little recognisable symbols that have always run through her collections combines [...]