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December 2012
Eau de Xeno

'Eau de Xeno' is an Eau de Parfum by Liz Wendelbo, a Brooklyn based artist who plays in the band Xeno & Oaklander. Originally released as an art project for the 'Musique Plastique' show at the agnès b. Galerie Boutique on Howard Street, Eau de Xeno [...]

Frimousses de créateurs pour l'unicef  2012

For 10 years, agnès b. has participated in this event and this year she has created a doll that will be auctioned to benefit Unicef. A collection of unique dolls, created by fashion designers, renowned artists and jewelers to inoculate African [...]

Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon

This holiday season agnès b. stores will be decorated with images taken from Kenneth Anger's infamous book Hollywood Babylon. Originally published in French in 1959, Hollywood Babylon is a collection of scandalous tales and stories from the golden [...]