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March 2012
Tara is back

For 7 years, on the initiative of Etienne Bourgois and agnès b., Tara Expéditions organizes missions of exploration to better understand the impact of global warming on the ecosystems.
After more than 900 days and 115 000 kilometers around the world, [...]

Futur Antérieur

Structured around the themes of retrofuturism, steampunk and archeomo- dernism – a concept developed by the academic, critic and curator Arnauld Pierre - the exhibition FUTURE ANTERIOR aims to create a dialogue between past cultural output that [...]

march 10, 7 to 8pm, evening of film screenings

agnès b. & Julien Langendorff present an evening of film screenings...
Jason Glasser, Rose Kallal, Sue De Beer, Jonathan Caouette, Marie Losier, Ben Russell & unseen film by Jonas Mekas : "two scenes from the life of Kenneth Anger"
50 Howard Street [...]

women's winter 12 fashion show

The winter 2012 women's fashion show was presented to the international press during the Paris fashion week at the Hotel Salomon de Rothschild.