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November 2013
Journal du textile, interview

agnès b. keeps the spirit of independence alive. The accessible luxury brand has reached the heights of success while remaining true to the 100% family-run roots it first established in 1976. She opened her very first store on rue du Jour in 1976. [...]

Artbook Holiday Bookshop

ARTBOOK and agnès b. are pleased to announce the ARTBOOK Holiday Bookshop, a carefully edited selection of more than 250 new and classic books on art, photography, music, design, architecture and popular culture by the world's most influential [...]

a natural order, Lucas Foglia

It’s the 1980s, and young Lucas is growing up on a small farm in the state of New York. Gradually, the family home, which used to be isolated in the countryside, becomes encircled by a rapidly expanding city. This childhood on the perimeter is [...]

Travellers' children in london fields

Born in Clerkenwell, photographer Colin O’Brien has been taking pictures on the streets of London since 1948. “These pictures record an extraordinary meeting between a photographer and a group of Irish Travellers' children in London Fields in 1987, [...]