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a style story

"I want to make clothes that can be kept for a lifetime."
agnès b. has since the beginning, been creating timeless pieces for every collection, defining her own vocabulary while mixing classic fashion codes with streetwear style. Snap cardigans, full-piece jumpers, petticoats, striped t-shirts, perfecto, strapless dresses, mini skirts, leather pants, cotton leggings...all unforgettable pieces adaptable to any and all styles of the moment.


agnès b. from the beginning, has always created timeless pieces for every collection, defining her own style and vocabulary, while mixing the classic fashion codes with street wear. Snap cardigans, full-piece jumpers, petticoats, striped t-shirts, [...]

"I want to make clothes that last a lifetime."

“I would always wear a white sweatshirt I would have found at the flea market. Then one day in 1979, I thought to myself that this sweatshirt should be able to open up at the front. So I remade that sweatshirt with snap buttons, inspired by the 18th [...]

The snap cardigan

The renowned striped t-shirt is created and quickly becomes one of agnès b.’s signature styles. In 1966, Agnès created a striped t-shirt for the movie “Qui êtes-vous Polly Maggoo?” by William Klein, and commercialized it 11 years later. Made from [...]

The infamous striped t-shirt is created

“it can be an image taken from the beaches of Brittany, of neon colors, of Tokyo, New York graffiti..” Passionate about photography, Agnès decided to use clothes and style as a medium through which to show her pictures and images. Screen printed on [...]

The photo style underlines and illustrates every collection

This series of black and white photographs were shown in an exhibit in Tokyo, Japan in 2012.

American photographer Bruce Weber photographs the 1983 Summer Collection