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galerie du jour

agnès b. opened her first art gallery on rue du Jour in 1984. At that time, it was adjoigning the women store. In 1996, the gallery moved to a bigger space but kept its name. In 2001, a bookstore opened at the entrance of the gallery. 
The galerie du Jour is a contemporary art gallery showing mostly photography. Agnès b.’s hosting the work of her grafitti artist friends too, as well as organising collective exhibits. Through her galerie and other cultural activities the agnès b. Fund is associated with, agnès b. provides long-time favourite artists or new discoveries with unique opportunities for freedom of expression. Malick Sidibé, Mike Lash, Jonas Mekas, Massimo Vitali, Robert Estermann, Pierre Reimer, Hugues Reip are some of the artists associated with the gallery.


Pioneer in the fashion and art industry, agnès b. is invited by Urban Influence to display some of the most memorable street artist t-shirt collaborations over her 40 years in fashion. Graffiti has featured prominently in the images agnès b. uses [...]

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