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agnès b. gives young director Adrien Beau carte blanche to create items within her men's winter collection. Discover the collection from Saturday, September 27 in our 50 Howard Street New York shop. Buy items from the Adrien Beau's capsule [...]

Adrien Beau chez agnès b.

agnès b. women's summer 2015 fashion show: some looks presented today during the Paris fashion week at the Palais de Tokyo. The fashion show broadcast live Tuesday, September 30th at 11:30am is now available on this page until Sunday, October 5th, [...]

women's summer 15 fashion show

Photographs by Amy Davis and drawings by Joana Avillez during the women’s and men's summer 2014 Paris fashion shows.

Summer 2014, backstage, photos Amy Davis, drawings Joana Avillez

Some looks presented today during fashion week in Paris.

men's summer 2015 fashion show