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International Tribute to Aimé Césaire

agnès b. is a great admirer of the poet Aimé Césaire, and has pleasure in providing costumes for the actors of Palabre en Négritude, a play paying homage to the great poets who celebrate Négritude and whose life and work are marked by their hopes of liberation.
A major performance of Palabre en Négritude will take place on May 5 in Paris at la Maison de l’UNESCO during the International Tribute to Aimé Césaire.

Palabre en Négritude by Layla Metssitane, Compagnie Théâtre des Hommes
International Tribute to Aimé Césaire - 5 mai 2009
Maison de l'UNESCO Salle I
125, avenue de Suffren 75007 Paris
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+33 140 03 58 44
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