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Tara Expeditions

agnès b. is the main Tara Expeditions’ partner. Very sensitive to the fate of the planet, she supports the ship’s projects and the latter’s expeditions since her beginnings: « I have committed myself personally in this project which, in 2004, could seem a complete utopia, she says. Finally, it is a remarkable story. Above all, it is a programme that gave progress to science and which will continue this mission with the Tara Oceans expedition. We succeeded to raise the consciousness of several young persons to the environment thanks to Tara’s human and scientific adventures. »

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Two events to celebrate for Tara in December: 10 years anniversary and the return of Tara from the Tara Oceans Polar Circle.
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Tara, 10 years

Tara's application is now available for iPAD !
Join us aboard Tara, a schooner for the planet, and experience her unique voyages on the world's oceans – in one application !
- Panoramic photos show you the boat as if you were on board.
- Learn more [... ]

tara's app available for ipad

Tara Oceans Polar Circle: a new scientific expedition in the Arctic.
The polar schooner Tara will depart from Lorient on May 19, 2013 for a new expedition: Tara Oceans Polar Circle. A scientific adventure lasting seven months and traveling 25,000kms [... ]

Tara Oceans Polar circle

In live: agnès b. reads Paris appeal for the High Seas from the international conference on the High Seas at the Conseil Economique Social et Environnemental, co-organized by Tara Expéditions.
Your voice matters, sign the Paris Appeal on  [... ]

Paris appeal for the high seas

Etienne Bourgois, Tara Expédition’s president and agnès b.’s managing director, is in Rio de Janeiro where the People’s Summit is taking place: last step of the negotiations finalizing the declaration presented to the Heads of States during the [... ]

Tara Expéditions at Rio
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