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certain young french photography and drawings

«Certain Young French Photography» focuses on photographers recently recognized by agnès b. through her involvement with the Friends of Paris Beaux-Arts School Association and the Lucien and Rodolphe Hervé Association, whose work agnès b. has long supported.
The 7 photographers, Luna Picoli-Truffaut, Marc Cellier, Claudia Imbert, Nicolas Dhervillers, Claire Adelfang, Matthias Olmeta, and Leonard Bourgois-Beaulieu, all take a singular approach to their surroundings and develop other ‘invented realities’ that manifest their idiosynchrasies. Most of them deal with portrait: celebrities and unknowns are shot with an evident affection for the sitters; a provincial street under the rain brings to mind Atget and Brassai.
In addition, 3 artists using drawing are associated to the show: Lionel Avignon, a new artist introduced by agnès b., Abdelkader Benchamma represented by Galerie du Jour for the last 6 years and Kiki & Loulou Picasso, who have worked and showed at Galerie du Jour since the mid-80s.
In their works, portraits are also featured predominantly, presenting people and issues of contemporary society in a critical or ironical way, as well as aiming to draw the contours a re- invented planet.
In presenting photography and drawing for our second inaugural exhibition, an attempt is made to confront and coalesce the two mediums, discretely hinting at the most eminent figure of French photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson, who in his later years all but abandoned photo- graphy and never stopped drawing.
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