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Johnny's diary, photos from JEan Pigozzi

Jean Pigozzi has often been depicted as an international playboy, an investor and a friend of Mick Jagger, as well as an important collector of contemporary African, and more recently Japanese, art… A character who sets out to be an exception to the rule, in a class all of his own; described by those who come into contact with him as hyperactive, always in a hurry, difficult to pin down. Ever on the move and involved in activities, blessed with an insatiable appetite for life, it would indeed seem that Jean – or «Johnny» for English speakers and close friends – Pigozzi never lets up. However, over and above these characteristics, which belong essentially to Who’s Who, he also stands out for his compulsive practice of photography. Immune from most material worries, he has witnessed and been part of a privileged mode of existence, in many ways resembling a huge never-ending party. So very early on he felt the need to document his daily life. Being dyslexic, and consequently unable to write a personal diary, he opted at the age of 15 for a sort of visual diary in which the private and public spheres would be interwoven. Reporting on his own life, he relates most of what he does from day to day through photos, and with this pictorial memory bank that represents his photographic œuvre, he records in shot after shot the people he meets, those he admires, the women he desires, parties both attended and organised by him, and even dogs which happen to cross his path. In 2013, through the eyes of agnès b. who has selected a hundred or so images from her photographic logbook, Jean Pigozzi reveals part of his most personal collection with this exhibition at the galerie du jour.
In collaboration with galerie Gagosian
galerie du jour agnès b.
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