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Thee, stranded horse et Matt Elliott au Point Ephemere

agnès b. is supporting Thee, Stranded Horse & Matt Elliott who will perform in concert at the Point Ephémère on 11 December 2008.

Compositions as sublime as they are melancholic, with traces of Slav and Greek music and, in addition, occasional strains of Spanish guitars. We find these hints of Slav music but they have no defined frontier, the only constant being an undeniable European heritage. Music that is lived in and very personal, demonstrating a unique talent where poignant melodies come one after the other, from ballad to folk, madness and reason, revolt and despair. In total empathy with the world around it.C111
His latest album entitled 'Howling Songs' is a final statement in which we can feel the rebellious sensibility which so typifies Matt Elliott coming through.

"Young French musician, who has already got himself noticed in the post-rock world. In 2004, he introduced the first turning point in his compositions and sketched the outlines of his search for a working method with 'Toumani Diabaté', a ballad in homage to the Mali master. "Thee, Stranded Horse" sinks this vein a little further still. In only two years, Yann Encre has appropriated the kora in a non-traditional manner to produce a folk that is completely luminous and that brings to mind the Mississippi "finger-picking" of John Hurt. In a warm, dark voice with shamanist accents, Yann Encre draws out crystal-clear arpeggios and his interlacing of chords speaks of a sweet nostalgia, rich in its melodious journey. Thus he links the shores of a universal musical sound, extending from the river Niger to the Mississippi Delta.", June 2006, extracts




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