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j'aime le cinéma

Cinema, like music, is a big part of our company’s culture. In stores, it is the film posters that are usually noticed first! They have been part of the agnès b. décor from early on and her collection of original film posters is now second to none! Her love of black and white films, the casual elegance of the New Wave, the straight lines of her cut, and the fashion films she directs herself, all pay homage to cinema. It has always been an instinctive source of inspiration for the designer. agnès b. also works on wardrobe for films! Her suits were featured in Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, and on characters made famous by Uma Thurman and John Travolta in Pulp Fiction. More recently, agnès b. clothing appeared in David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive and Harmony Korine’s Mister Lonely.

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agnès b. supports Rough Trade On Tour in Paris, at Point Ephémère from April 18 to 20, 3 days of showcase, Dj set, screening… free!
Point Ephémère, 200 Quai de Valmy, 75010.

Rough trade on tour in Paris

agnès b. loves Spring Breakers, the new film from director Harmony Korine, starring James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine.
In the US, Spring Breakers will debut on March 15 in New York and Los Angeles and [... ]

Spring Breakers by Harmony Korine

On October 22, release of Zombie Zombie new album, « Rituel d’un Nouveau Monde » at Versatile.

Zombie zombie, new album

Since last year, the Festival offers a White Card to a personality of the world of the arts and the letters which makes discover and share, through a selection of movies, his or her preference of cinema, "his or her personal America". This year, [... ]

Festival de Deauville : agnès b. white card

For the third time, agnès b. and Rough Trade invite you to a week of music, with an event each night...not to be missed!
agnès b. 6 rue du Jour Paris 1st

Rough Trade # 3

FIAF is thrilled to invite agnès b. to guest curate a series of films that have influenced her life and career as a designer, photographer, and, more recently, as a fashion film producer and director.
Carte Blanche to agnès b. is presented as part of [... ]

Carte blanche to agnès b. at Fiaf, New York
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