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n°0 - Jonas Mekas

Jonas Mekas was born in Lithuania in 1922.
He arrived in New York in 1949 where he lives
and works today. Mekas is the foremost filmmaker
in American experimental cinema of the 1960s
and 70’s and one of the most representative of the
New York underground (with Warhol, Morrisey,
and Brakhage).
His films: Guns of the Trees (1963), The Brig,
Diaries, Notes & Sketches (1969), Reminiscences
of a Journey to Lithuania (1972), Lost Lost Lost
(1975), In Between (1978), Paradise Not Yet
Lost (1979), He Stands in the Desert Counting
the Seconds of His Life (1985), Scenes from the
Life of Andy Warhol (1990), Zefiro Torna or
Scenes from the Life of George Macunias (1992),
Memories of Frankenstein (1996), Happy
Birthday to John (1996).
In parallel, he has been an active and influential
figure in film criticism, most notably as Editor-in-
Chief of Film Culture magazine since 1955.
He is also the founder and director of Anthology
Film Archives in New York where he conserves and
promotes hundreds of rare and independent films.
For this first issue of Point d’Ironie, launched in
May 1997 during the Cannes Film Festival,
Mekas has associated a selection of his
«photogrammes» (frames frozen from the crux of
his film, basic units comparable to verses of
poetry) with his «Anti-100 years of Cinema
Manifesto», all the while inciting us to support
his extraordinary efforts to preserve and diffuse
the rare and hidden treasures of independent,
European and underground cinema.



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