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n°17 - John Giorno & Ugo Rondinone

“ I knew of the trans-generational dialogue
between the two artists, who see each other
regularly since Rondinone moved to New York,
and so invited them to work together. Rondinone
disguised Giorno as a clown and took photos to
accompany Giorno’s poem “Demons in the
Details” and vice versa. Giorno’s poem has since
been translated into French, Italian, Spanish and
Japanese, available on flyers, which accompany the
Point d’Ironie. We would like to thank both artists
for the wonderful dialogue. We are also indebted
to Brigitte Cornand for triggering the contact with
John Giorno.”
– Hans Ulrich Obrist
John Giorno (American, born in 1936), author of
Cancer in My Left Ball, Suicide Sutra, You Got to
Burn to Shine and other books and recordings, is
an innovator in the fields of Found and
Performance poetry. He has been writing and
performing since the 1960’s, while participating
in seminal artistic projects with friends such as
Andy Warhol, Allen Ginsberg and William
Burroughs. He lives in New York City.
Ugo Rondinone (b. 1964 in Switzerland) is an
artist working with painting, photography, video,
sound and multi-media installations. He lives
and works in New York and Zurich.



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