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n°20 - Ken Lum Hommage

Ken Lum, born 1956 in Vancouver, Canada
Chen Zhen, born October 4, 1955 in Shanghai,
China-died December 13, 2000 in Paris
As an artist, my dream is to become a doctor.
Making art is all about looking at oneself,
examining oneself and somehow seeing the world.
– Chen Zhen
“ Chen Zhen and I had planned a project together
that was never realized. The quote on the back of
Chen Zhen’s homage is from some of the notes
I took while we were in discussion over our
planned trip to China. Chen Zhen’s thinking was
very organic and often involved the idea of
community analysis. I saw the photographs placed
along the margins of the mirror as akin to
communities that extend from Chen Zhen’s studio,
and back from the communities to his studio.
Reading over some of Chen Zhen’s interviews,
I was most struck by his descriptions of feeling
alive when he first arrived in Paris, all alone and
living in tiny quarters. He mentioned having no
real contacts in Paris then. I imagined that during
times of extreme isolation such as he endured, the
mirror must have occupied an important
component of his life, if only symbolically.
Chen Zhen’s passing is a great loss to art, his
friends and family. I wanted a work that
represented our loss of Chen Zhen through that
most traditional form of artistic commemoration,
a memento mori. I wanted a work that would
allow us to look from the perspective of Chen Zhen
and permit us to discover something about
ourselves through a few remembrances of his life.”
– Ken Lum


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