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n°29 - Edouard Glissant

Writer Edouard Glissant was born in the French
Caribbean island of Martinique in 1928.
His novels (La lézarde, Prix Renaudot 1958),
essays (Poetics of Relation, Caribbean Discourse:
Selected Essays), poetry (The Indies, Black Salt:
Poems,) and plays (Monsieur Toussaint) have
thrust him to the forefront of contemporary
thought, notably through the concepts of
creolization and globality. He lives and works in
Martinique, New York and Paris.
In the tradition of Cedric Price (« point d’ironie »
n°19) and Yona Friedman (n°24), urbanists
whose works radiate into the field of art, Edouard
Glissant bridges the disciplines of art and
litterature. Close to Antonio Segui, Wifredo Lam,
Matta and Augustin Cárdenas, he has published
critical essays on the artists who have nourished his
reflection, while his theoretical writings influence
contemporary art today, the effects of which could
be felt at Documenta 11 in 2002. Glissant’s
theoretical positions also have practical
applications for museology, since he is currently
endeavoring toward the creation of a museum for
In his writings, Glissant has shown that one of the
most regrettable consequences of globalization is
homogenization in all areas of life. According to
him, museums today must propose new spaces and
new temporalities in order to promote a globality
that can counteract world-wide standardization.
In turn, Edouard Glissant invited the French
journal Les périphériques vous parlent to
contribute to his « point d’ironie » with a text,
“Towards Globality” (inserted) – a political slant
on his poetic proposition.


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