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n°4 - Marlène Streeruwitz

Born in 1950 in Baden near Vienna, Austria.
Studies Law, then Slavonic Literature and Art
History. Lives in Vienna as a writer and director
of theater plays.
Story of her project for the Point d’Ironie :
“ I grew up like all little girls. I secretly thought I
was a princess who was taken away from her real
parents and one day the real father would come
and claim me. Or some prince would come by, see
me, see my real values and take me away.
First I waited. Then I started to look for him.
I thought I would make him my God and then
everything would be alright and I would be the
better princess. Better than the little mermaid.
I would suffer more, be nicer, be more patient and
my god would never leave me.
Of course no god was to be found.
And the substitutes. They always hide behind
something so you can’t see them. But they see you.
They look out from behind their eyes.
Or from behind their jobs. Or behind a camera.
When I had this cruel skiing accident my god did
not sit at my side and comfort me. Did not stay in
the picture. He took those pictures showing the
princess suffering bravely. In the process of
reclaiming my life to be able to get on I found
those pictures. As a tribute to myself as a little girl
I put them in the middle of the flowers to float on
them like Thumbelina. And be happy. As happy as
possible without hurting anymore.”
– Marlene Streeruwitz


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