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n°46 - Carlos Cruz Diez

Carlos Cruz-Diez, born in 1923, in Caracas, Venezuela, lives and works in Paris.
This venezuelan artist is considered a leading figure of kinetik art since its origins in the sixties. His reflection is about colour, and founds expression in an optical research of its spatial perception.
Chromosaturation, Paris 1965
"These works belong to the idea that “culture” has always started on a “primary event” –a simple situation that has generated a whole thinking process, a special sensitivity, myths and so on.
Since we have not been able to modify the “chromatic notion”, it is possible to detect what I try to show as evident if we change the “basis” –that is, coloring space and not form.
Chromosaturation is an artificial habitat formed by three color chambers: a red one, a green one and a blue one, which cover whoever gets inside them in an “absolute monochromic situation”.
The disturbance created in the spectator’s retina, by the experiencing of a “monochromic situation” – considering the retina is used to simultaneously perceive an extense spechtrum of colors, acts as a detonator, and awakens, in the spectator’s conscience, the notion that color is a material and a physical situation, and that it happens in space without being helped by form – and even without any support, independently from cultural conventions.


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